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Wonderful World of Railroads and Monuments

Welcome on a site, dedicated to traveling and railroads. Take an inspiration from travelogues in English:

Kaliningrad Region (Russia) 2004 * From Prague (Czechia) to Lower Silesia (Poland) 2004 * Guatemala 2004 * Honduras 2005 * El Salvador 2005 * Argentina and Paraguay 2006

Plus some additional ones in Czech language only (but with many pictures):

Masuria (Poland) 2003 * Armenia 2003 * Museum railroads in Belgium 2004 * Four abandoned railroad lines in Southern Moravia (Czech Republic) 2005 * Branch lines in Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic) 2005 * Train ride around Prague (Czech Republic) 2007 * Moldova, Transnistria and Romania 2007 * Belize 2007 * The Andes (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia) 2008

And finally some special reports in English:

Railroads in Central America * Nostalgic trains in the Czech Republic

Tazumal - step-pyramid, El Salvador Station Jerzmanki, Poland Brandenburg Gate in Kaliningrad

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