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Railroads of El Salvador

Carrier: Ferrocarriles Nacionales de El Salvador (FENADESAL)
WWW: www.fenadesal.gob.sv
Phone: +503 2221 1416, +503 2221 9000 (management, Spanish), +503 2260 5477, +503 2260 3302 (Ms Xenia Contreras, info about passenger trains, Spanish)
Profile: State corporation. Passenger and freight transport suspended. Last passenger trains operated between San Salvador Terminal Oriente and Soyapango until May 2005.
Network length: Distrito 1 (East) - San Salvador - La Unión and Soyapango - Apopa, total 253.2 km. Line Soyapango - Apopa (18 km) is officially closed due to a landslide.
Distrito 2 (NW) - Apopa - Frontera Guatemala and Santa Ana - Texis jct., total 156.6 km.
Distrito 3 (SW) - San Salvador - Acajutla and ?? jct - Santa Ana, total 145 km.
Total network length is therefore 554,8 km, of which 536,8 km operable (?). The list does not include officially abandoned lines, e.g. Zacatecoluca - La Libertad.
Timetable: Line San Salvador - Soyapango until May 2005 (xls format, opens in a new window). Historical data - not valid any more.
Report: Passenger train San Salvador - Soyapango

Pictures of Railroads in El Salvador

San Salvador - Passenger train of FENADESAL at Terminal Oriente San Salvador - slum in an eastern suburb Soyapango - the engine turns Soyapango - train station Salvadorean children on a train San Salvador - slum in an eastern suburb San Salvador - slum in an eastern suburb San Salvador - railroad through a slum

External Links

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La Prensa Gráfica Article in a local newspaper about introduction of passenger trains between San Salvador and Soyapango in October 2004 after the collapse of a road bridge (Spanish)

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