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Railroads in Panamá

Carrier: Panama Canal Railway Company (Panarail)
WWW: www.panarail.com
Phone: +507-317-6070 (Spanish, English)
Profile: The oldest transcontinental railroad in the world. Connects Panama City and Colón since 1855. 77 km long. Primarilly for freight transport between the Atlantic and the Pacific (competing with Panama Canal). One pair of passenger trains on weekdays.
Other curiosities: 1. Is it also a railroad? Panama Canal uses engines ("mules") running on tracks parallel to the Canal for a precise drawing of boats from one lock to another.
2. According to Wikipedia , there were also be 279 km of narrow-gauge (914 mm) railroads in Panamá. This probably refers to Ferrocarril de Chiriquí, a banana railroad crossing the border of Costa Rica. Nowadays out of service, remains still visible (station buildings, parts of tracks, a railcar on display in Boquete). Infrastructure is owned by Ministerio de Obras Públicas.

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