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Special train to Kaliningrad

April 29 - May 3, 2004

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Kaliningrad Region

Pomeranian Association of Train Enthusiasts (PTMKZ) from Gdynia organizes every spring a week-long trip with a diesel railcar along interesting railroads in Poland. In April 2004, they took advantage of their contacts in RZD and came up with a five-day tour along all railroads in Kaliningrad Region. When I learned about it, I decided immediately - it was clear that there would be no better opportunity to get to there.

The event was really worth it. On the next pages, you will find a travelogue from each day with photographs. A scheme of present-day railroad network and two historical maps of East Prussia (a railroad and a topographic one) can help you in orientation. If you decide to learn more about the area, you can also look e.g. on a historical map of Kaliningrad, site of East-Prussian Landsmanschaft, the City of Kaliningrad or a private gallery. Take also a look at pictures of P. Niedomaga≥a from Masuria and Kaliningrad.

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