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Railroads of Honduras

Carrier: Ferrocarril Nacional de Honduras (FNH)
WWW: Not available
Phone: San Pedro Sula: +504 553 2997, Mr José A. Muòoz (Spanish)
La Ceiba: +504 443 3525, Ms Rosaria Uclis (Spanish)
La Unión (Cuero y Salado): +504 443 3235 (Spanish)
Profile: State corporation. Three isolated segments operate:
1. San Pedro Sula - Puerto Cortés (approx. 50 km): Occasional cargo transport, especially of wood to the port. Passenger trains San Pedro Sula (or Puerto Cortés) - Barracoa - Tela suspended.
2. City Rail in La Ceiba (approx. 3 km): Only passenger trains between downtown and western suburb (Col. Sitramacsa) - see map. No schedule, trains run about every half-hour 6 am - 6 pm. Ken Davey informed me on March 31, 2007 by mail, that these trains have been suspended since November 2006. As apparent from a picture, the operation of such big engines could not be profitable given the current high fuel prices.
3. According to Let's Go guidebook and Colin Churcher, about 10 km of track near La Unión (former line Tela - La Ceiba) is used to transport coconuts from plantations or tourists to Cuero y Salado National Park (order a ride on a number listed above).
Report: La Ceiba City Rail

Pictures of Honduras Railroads

Train station San Pedro Sula Old steam engine (San Pedro Sula) Passenger train in La Ceiba Passenger train in La Ceiba - filling up fuel La Ceiba - train stop End of tracks in the suburb of La Ceiba La Ceiba - diesel engine in a depot Final stop in downtown - La Ceiba (rear view) Final stop in downtown - La Ceiba (front view) Botanical garden in La Ceiba
Steam engine - La Ceiba Sambo Creek - train stop Corozal - railroad tracks

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