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Copán - Staircase to the Temple of the Inscriptions

Copán - Temple of the Inscriptions

Ruins of Mayan city of Copán are considered the most important tourist attraction of Honduras, comparable to Tikal of Guatemala. Many tourists come for a short visit during sightseeing tours around Guatemala (about 10 miles from the border) and it is the only place in Honduras they see. Frankly speaking, other Honduran monuments cannot be compared.

Copán flourished in 553 - 800 AD and was abandoned before 1100. Now it is on UNESCO World Heritage List. You will get more information from official tourist agency, Mayanet (both in English) or a private site Fotoaleph (Spanish). David Stuart from Harvard University wrote an article about history of Copán and hieroglyphs. More pictures are available on the following pages.

This picture shows a stairway leading to the Temple of the Inscriptions (Templo de las Inscripciones or Templo 11) as seen from the main square (Plaza Principal). It is interesting not only by its size, but also as an illustration of a strugle between civilization and nature. Century-old trees grow from the massive construction. Below the small roof in front of the staircase, there is Stela N dated 761 AD.

Copán Ruinas, 2005.01.08

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