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Railroad in La Ceiba

Final stop in downtown - La Ceiba (front view)

Another view of a train standing towards the downtown - this time from the front. The condition of the track suggests that it could be possible to travel further (the tracks go in the middle of the road), but probably not very far. The line originally continued along the coast to the East, to Trujillo and Olanchito - see the map of Honduras railroad network. In 1997, it was still possible to travel about 30 km along this line on a track car (Colin Churcher - top three pictures). We will see soon that the tracks have been stolen at several places and the line would have to be built again to make it running.

The car in the front is a cab (taxi). You can tell from the yellow sticker on the side. They do not use a transparent on the roof like in other cities. They are difficult to distinguish from other car from a distance, so they chase customers by honking.

More information on railroads in La Ceiba is available on one of the previous pages. Summarized information can be found on a page dedicated to railroads of Central America.

La Ceiba, 2005.01.11

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