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Railroad in La Ceiba

Passenger train in La Ceiba
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The last regular passenger train in Honduras operates in La Ceiba. An engine with one passenger car (originally a freight car without walls and with added wooden benches) is used for transport on about a 3 km segment from downtown towards a western suburb. The main reason for the existence of this line (apart from nostalgy?) is that roads are in a bad condition in this area and buses would have trouble getting through. The fare is slightly lower than usual in a bus (a train for 3 HNL = $0.17, a bus for 4 HNL = $0.23 one way).

There are no usable switches on the line to put the engine on an opposite side. Therefore, the train is pushed from the center to suburb and pulled the other way. It is a narrow-gauge line (1067 mm, like other Central American railroads, even though it was not connected). Train stops have no names and the train has no schedule. At least three people work at the railroad - engineer, conductor (collects fare, but does not issue tickets) and accountant.

The engine on the picture was made by General Electric in Erie, Pennsylvania (USA) in August 1963 under serial number 34813, type U5B.

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