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Guatemala 2004

08/15/2004 Flight KL0685 Amsterdam - México DF, MX0389 México DF - Guatemala
View from the plane on departure from Amsterdam Landscape of Western Holland from the plane Haarlem and coastal dunes Bird eye´s view of Mexico City Another bird eye´s view of Mexico City
08/22/2004 By car: Guatemala (tour of the capital) - Antigua and back
Aqueduc in Guatemala City - view from hotel room Palacio Nacional in Guatemala City Cathedral in Guatemala City Parrots in the garden of Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala Ruins of Casa Santo Domingo monastery, Antigua Guatemala City hall, Antigua Guatemala Cloth market in front of a church ruin, Antigua Guatemala View of Volcán de Agua, Antigua Guatemala
Guatemala City - view from the West Guatemala City - Christian Fraternity
08/28/2004 By car: Guatemala City - Puerto San José (Pacific Coast) and back
Villa Nueva - highway towards the Pacific Palin - residential area Ruins of a train station in Puerto San José Pier on a beach in Puerto San José
08/29/2004 By car: Guatemala City - Panajachel, on a boat: Panajachel - Santa Catarina Palopó - Santiago Atitlán - Panajachel, back to Guatemala
Los Encuentros Junction Sololá Atitlán lake Atitlán lake in the city of Panajachel Panajachel from the lake Volcán San Pedro overlooking the Atitlán lake Church in Santa Catarina Palopó San Antonio Palopó
Volcán San Pedro Santiago Atitlán Fisherman´s boats
09/03/2004 By RDC train: Guatemala City - Sanarate - El Rancho - Zacapa.
Guatemalan steam engines Guatemalan diesel engines Departure from Guatemala City Railroad line out of Guatemala Gate of Guatemala train station Poor neighbourhood in Guatemala Train passes through a market place in La Ermitia Bridge spans a valley on NE suburb of Guatemala City
Road bridge in a NE suburb of Guatemala City Line Guatemala - El Chato Line by El Chato Houses in El Chato Approaching Agua Caliente from Guatemala Bridge before Agua Caliente Tunnel before Agua Caliente Bridge in a curve - Agua Caliente
Train in Sanarate Permission to use track (Track Warrant) Train from El Rancho to Guatemala arrived in Sanarate Bridges on the Sanarate - Jalapa line Palm tree in Jalapa, El Progreso region Railroad bridge overlooking El Rancho Water tower in El Rancho Station building in Rancho Old signal in El Rancho
09/04/2004 By RDC train: Zacapa - Quiriguá - Bananera - Puerto Barrios; on a boat: Puerto Barrios - Livingston
Train station Quiriguá Check of track around Cristina Rural house Palm trees Push car Market in Bananera Train stopped in Morales Banana plantation
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09/05/2004 Livingston (hike to Siete Altares and back)
Pineapple fruit Beach around Livingston
09/06/2004 By boat: Livingston - Rio Dulce, walk to Castillo de San Felipe, by bus: Rio Dulce - Finca Ixobel (Poptún)
Castillo de San Felipe
09/07/2004 By bus: Poptún - Santa Elena - El Remate - Tikal (tour of national park) - El Remate
Templo I (main temple) in Tikal Northern Acropolis on Gran Plaza in Tikal National Park Templo II on Gran Plaza in Tikal National Park Templo V in Tikal National Park Pyramid Lost World in Tikal National Park Pyramid Templo I in Tikal National Park
09/08/2004 By bus: El Remate - Tikal - Uaxactún and back
Tikal - overlook Uaxactún - ruins on the southern side
09/09/2004 By bus: El Remate - Santa Elena - Sayaxché; on a boat: Sayaxché - Ceibal (tour of National Park) and back; by bus Sayaxché - Raxrujá
Bus terminal and market place in Santa Elena Cowboy with cows Old ferry boat in Sayaxché Ferry boats for pedestrians in Sayaxché Ceibal National Park Stela in Ceibal National Park Sayaxché - Rio de la Pasión
09/10/2004 By bus: Raxrujá - Chisec - Cobán - Guatemala City
Raxrujá Village of Semoy Cobán - Independence Day celebrations Cobán - street Mountains between Cobán and El Rancho El Rancho - CA9
09/11/2004 Flight MX0384 Guatemala - México D.F.; KL0686 México D.F. - Amsterdam Schiphol (12.09.)
Hotel Dos Lunas, Guatemala City Zona 13, Guatemala City Guatemala City - bird eye´s view Guatemala City - bird eye´s view II Mexiko - bird eye´s view

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From travelogue Honduras 2005 (Chiquimula, Quiriguá)
Market place in Chiquimula Quiriguá - hieroglyphs on Estela D Quiriguá - Estela E Quiriguá - acropolis Quiriguá - banana cable car
From travelogue El Salvador 2005 (Esquipulas, Monterrico, La Democracia)
Basílica de Esquipulas Esquipulas - Cueva de las Minas Esquipulas - overview Monterrico - Pacific Coast Chiquimulilla Canal La Democracia Volcanos
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