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Tikal - Templo I

Templo I (main temple) in Tikal National Park

Tikal is a unique complex of ruins of an ancient Mayan city, hidden in a jungle. There are many pyramids and other stone constructions on a vast area, mainly built between 550 - 900 A.D. There is also exotic wildlife - monkeys jump on the trees, parrots sometimes fly around, there is unpenetrable vegetation along the roads.

The picture shows the back of a pyramid called "Templo 1". The other side faces Gran Plaza. On the left, there are remains of Central Acropolis.

The following pictures show several other constructions. Unfortunately, it was dark and I utilized a "one-use" camera, which obviously took its toll. You can also find a plenty of sorted pictures from Tikal on Maya Ruins server. Verbal description of some monuments is on The Gringo´s Guide. It is also worth looking at Enjoy Guatemala site.

Tikal, 2004.09.07

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