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Push car

Push car

"Push car" (push-carro in Spanish) is a home-made railroad vehicle. Villagers use it frequently to carry products to markets or wood from forests. The design is simple - take a board, attach two axes with small wheels and vertical pieces of wood, which will keep the vehicle on the tracks - see picture. Another option is to use eight wheels - four vertical and four horizontal to hold the vehicle from inside of the tracks. Person usually pushes a loaded vehicle in front of him, or stands on the board and moves ahead with the help of a stick. Of course, when a train is coming, he has to offload it quickly and clear the track. We have had several such cases on the way. The risk is small, because trains run at a speed of 10 - 15 mph, honk frequently and there is enough time to get off the track. At times, you can also see a push-car with a colorfully painted board.

Bananera, 2004.09.04

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