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Station Quiriguá

Station Quiriguá
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Quiriguá was the first station, where we arrived under daylight. Originally it was a hub - an alternative route to Bananera with many branches to farms started here. This other line is already abandoned. Only a short part is used for parking of railcars (see tank car on the right). If you come to the Quiriguá ruins, you will see the other line next to the entrance, overgrown with grass and bananas.

Nowadays, Quirigua is famous as an archaeologic site with the biggest discovered Mayan stela (stone with an engraved image of a god or a chief) from the 8th century A.D. This time, I missed it as I continued a ride on the train, but came back on January 13, 2005.

This is how the whole area looks on a map.

Quiriguá, 2004.09.04

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