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Holiday with a Historical Railcar 2004

July 25 - 31, 2004

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Most of us have sometimes taken a sightseeing tour by coach. But have you thought that you could also make such a trip by train? Czech Republic has perhaps the densest railroad network in Europe - then why not take advantage and rent a train instead of a bus? World travelers know Orient Express or Sierra Madre Express, which offer wealthy tourists a rich cultural program connected with a nostalgic train ride.

It is however not necessary to travel across Europe for railroad and cultural experiences. For four years in a row, an original Czech event has been taking place - Holiday with a Historical Railcar, organized by Train Travelers Club (KŽC). Since 2001, it has given an opportunity to almost 200 people to spend a week of active vacation in the Czech countryside. The route is different every year, but the program remains: Take a ride in a historical railcar, see monuments and natural beauties, travel along some unused tracks, spend a summer day by a lake or a dam and have a good time with pleasant people. In 2004, the event extended abroad for the first time - we spent two days in Polish Lower Silesia.

Let's take a look together, what we saw and experienced during the first three days. The following pages provide a travelogue from each day with photographs. For a better orientation, there is also a Czech and a Polish railroad map with our route. And if you want to learn more, just open the web site of KZC Train Travelers Club - e.g., upcoming events, chronicle and an overview of all Holidays with a Historical Railcar. We are looking forward to seeing you next time!

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