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Holiday in a Historical Railcar 2004 in Poland

Route in the Czech Republic

Lower Silesia on a PKP map 1963/64

An extract of a historical PKP map from 1963, available on kolej.pl. The route of our trip is marked with grey color.

If you are interested in the current status of each line (not very optimistic), take a look at an interactive historical map of PKP. You will find the year of opening and closing for passenger and freight trains. The list of all operable (and some other) lines in Poland is available to download in the form of price list from PLK web site (Polish track operator). A lot of information about lines in Lower Silesia (mileage, historical timetables, etc.) is also on Koleje Dolnego îl╣ska. There is also a growing collection of old maps on Kurczak.

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