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Holiday in a Historical Railcar - Day 3


Route in Poland / Czechia: Klodzko – Otmuchow – Nysa – Glucholazy - Jesenik
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Church in Otmuchów Station building Głuchołazy Zdrój

Most of us spent Tuesday morning by touring Kłodzko. Some monuments have a Czech origin - e.g., the first Archbishop of Prague Arnošt z Pardubic is burried in the Assumption Church. In downtown, there is a replica of Charles Bridge in Prague. Some of us climbed a Prussian fort, but there was no time to go inside. Several of us visited this place with Train Travelers Club in 2002. At 11:00am, we take our train to the North-East, over Kamieniec Ząbkowicki to Otmuchow. On Monday, it was difficult to find an interesting place for sightseeing along the route. However, today we have to choose from many options. In the end, we selected Otmuchów and Nysa. We have also spotted Bardo monastery, Kamieniec Ząbkowicki castle and the city of Paczków from the train, which may be our destination another time.

Otmuchów attracted us mainly because it neighbours with a huge dam. We scheduled two hours of rest and swimming. The weather was however cold, so just a few participants got off by the lake. The rest of us followed on to the train station and then walked to the city. We climbed the bishop castle (a view of the Jeseniky mountains), looked inside a church with a valuable baroque interior and saw an old city hall with two solar clocks. Then we walked back along a business track of a sugar factory (a former line to Bernartice u Javorníka). It was still used, a freight train was to leave the following day.

From Otmuchow, it is just a short ride to Nysa, "Silesian Rome" with many churches and military monuments. We had a sightseeing tour there, followed by a return by the diesel railcar to Głuchołazy and Jeseník. I did not participate in this, because I had to come back to work on Wednesday morning. Instead, I took a ride - for the first and the last time - in a scheduled train from Nowy Świętów to Głuchołazy Zdrój (all passenger traffic is suspended as of August 1, 2004) and then went from Nowy Świętow via Kędzierzyn Koźle, Gliwice, Katowice and Częstochowa to Warsaw. The following days of the event are described on KŽC web site.

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