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Holiday in a Historical Railcar - Day 1


Route in Czechia: Praha hl.n. – Praha Malesice – Uvaly – Poricany – Nymburk mesto – Veleliby – Kopidlno – Detenice - Dolni Bousov – Bakov nad Jizerou – Turnov – Liberec
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Arrival at Dětenice Station Route

The event, organized by Train Travellers Club (KŽC), started at the main station in Prague. A historical diesel railcar of Posázavský pacifik Association was waiting for us at the platform. At 9:35am, we departed to the South towards Praha-Vršovice. The train passed along a freight line through Malešice and quickly continued through Poříčany, Sadská (meeting a freight train), Nymburk město and Křinec to Kopidlno. We were slightly ahead of the schedule all the time. In Kopidlno, we changed direction and passed along line 063 to Dětenice, our first sightseeing stop. A palace and a brewery are located there. We tried the brewery restaurant and will never repeat it, because of inflated prices and arrogant staff. On the other hand, the castle tour was a good choice. Apart from classical exhibits (such as antlers or historic furniture), we could view statues from old Vienna Opera House and a painting depicting the opening of a railroad through Dětenice. When we consider that the palace housed an orphanage only 15 years ago and all interiors had to be rebuilt, it has been a great success of present owners. Given the numbers of visitors and the level of admission charge, they will get their investment back soon. Thanks to a massive advertising, tourists are pouring in.

Our railcar could not wait for us in Dětenice, therefore we continued to Dolní Bousov with a regular train. There we transferred to our train and carried on to Bakov nad Jizerou. We turned the train again and followed to Turnov and Liberec. There were several unscheduled stops on the way due to meeting other delayed trains. We reached our destination with about a 30-minute delay. In Liberec, we took a streetcar and then walked to the hotel. In the evening, most of us went to downtown Liberec.

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