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Railroads in Costa Rica

Freight and suburban trains

Operator: INCOFER (Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles)
WWW: www.mideplan.go.cr
Phone: +506-222-8857 (Spanish, partly English)
Profile: Freight trains San José - Caldera with a branch from Salinas towards Puntarenas (about 2 km, the rest unpassable). There are supposedly also freight trains on the Atlantic coast, but the lines are not connected with the rest of the network (e.g., in Cartago, the station yard was completely used for broadening of a street and there are no tracks).
Passenger trains run on weekdays around San José (eastbound to San Pedro-Univ.Latina, westbound to Pavas (6 km along the route of Tico Train). Further development is planned. (as of January 2, 2006)

Tourist trains

Operator: America Travel
WWW: www.americatravelcr.com
Phone: +506-233-3300 (Spanish, a little English)
Profile: Weekend trains ("Tico Train") from San José to the beaches and port of Caldera (91 km), plus charter trains.

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