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Railroads in Argentina

Profile: Railroads were built by several competing corporations (mainly British) in different gauges: standard (1435 mm), broad (prevailing, 1676 mm) and narrow (1000 mm). Railroads were nationalized in 1940s. In 1993, the government stopped most subsidies to passenger railroad transport as a part of austerity measures. This led to a collapse of long-distance and rural routes. A dense network of operated lines is mainly around Buenos Aires. Freight transport was privatized.
Report: Train in Parque Iguazú, By TBA suburban trains and Tren de la Costa from Buenos Aires to Tigre and back

Photographs of Argentinian railroads and subway (in a new window)

Parque Iguazú - tourist train Parque Iguazú - meeting trains Tucumán - Mitre station Buenos Aires - subway Tigre - suburban trains TBA Tigre - Tren de la Costa TBA train in Bartolomé Mitre

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