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Argentina - Iguaz˙

April 2, 2006

Puerto Iguaz˙ - Parque Nacional Iguaz˙ (waterfalls) - Puerto Iguaz˙
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Parque Iguaz˙ - Garganta del Diablo Parque Iguaz˙ - San MartÝn

What to write about Iguaz˙? The waterfalls are neither the highest, nor broadest, nor with the highest volume, but they are the centerpiece of an Argentinian tour. Long time ago, at a US national park, it was written that a view of falling water hypnotizes. It may be true - the mass of water falling into the deepness is truly magnificient.

There is a bus towards the waterfalls every half hour from a terminal. The ride takes another half hour. The area is vast and prepared for demanding customers. For example, a Sheraton Hotel is located inside. Visitors move around between the visitors center and walking circles or the remote Devils Throat (Garganta del Diablo) with a narrow-gauge train.

The park is so big that you can easily spend the whole day there. Those looking for more can also take a boat on the top or the bottom of the waterfalls, or take a truck into a "jungle", both organized by Iguaz˙ Jungle Explorer. Initially, I wanted to take the boat once, but when I saw how far from the waterfalls they turn, I lost interest. There were many other observation points. One American who took advantage of this offer later complained to me how much time he lost. But you should decide for yourself - maybe I missed an exciting experience.

Writing more would be pointless - no text can describe the view available to visitors. Look into a gallery, or display pictures taken by others (e.g., Jitka-Marek, Gerald Brimacombe and more). If you come, you can easily take dozens of pictures here.

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