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"Life without challenges would be boring"

My name is Jan Pešula. I was born in 1972 and have spent most of my life in Prague, Czech Republic. I got my degree at University of Economics in Prague, College of Finance and Accounting and at U.S. Business School in Prague.

I am working on financial modules of SAP R/3 - a sophisticated German software, the biggest in the market, which allows big and medium-sized enterprises to integrate, streamline and simplify all processes (purchasing, sales, closing, fixed asset accounting, warehouse management, etc.). SAP is used worldwide, therefore I have already spent several wonderful months or years in Bratislava, Poznań, Budapest, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Brussels and Guatemala. I have no permanent address, but move wherever a project is. Currently I am doing business in Manchester. In my free time, I enjoy discussing SAP issues on sapfans.com with a user name Jan P.

Railroads have been my passion since childhood. I used to be deeply interested in traffic control - what signals there are and what train dispatchers, engineers, conductors and others have to do to make the operation run safely. I have never applied for a job in this industry, but still try to follow it and participate in interesting events.

Besides work, I also enjoy traveling. Since 1997, I have been member of Czech Train Travelers Club (KZC) - unfortunately a passive one, because my nomadic lifestyle would be difficult to reconcile with systematic work for the association. In 2002, I co-organized a trip to Kłodzko. Since 1984, I have been collecting imprinted stamps and train tickets. My favorite web pages include Tom Peeters Times, The McKinsey Quarterly and of course Wikipedia (as you have probably noticed already).

I wish all visitors a lot of inspiration from my web site - and perhaps we'll meet at some place in the world. You can reach me on e-mail jpesula (at) hotmail . com.

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